was founded in 2009 by Randy Hilgers the founder of SofTutor and New Vision Software, Incorporated.

In 1999, Randy also founded in the hopes of using softutor to help kids around the world learn software and technology better using SofTutor NFP version. He hoped that his wife Diane Hilgers would run the site although she became ill and passed away in 2004.

While taking several years off to raise his small children, Randy met Mr. Jobe the ex-mayor of Banjul, Gambia. Randy wondered if SofTutor could be reengineered so that it could be easy enough for kids to use to teach kids, reguardless of language.

In 2007, Randy started putting the SofTutor team back together and began work on SofTutor version 3, modeled after SofTutor v2 which was installed on the Ford Motor Company intranet in 2004. This time Randy wanted to make it so easy to create content that kids could use it. In late 2008, SofTutor version 3 was released as the SofTutor Learning System.

In 2010, Dirk Tussing of the contacted Mr. Hilgers to see if he wanted to help on the project. Randy jumpped at the project and developed SofTutor for CMH Kids. had to design a special version of SofTutor to run on the 10" netbook screens but the project was a big success.

About our sponsor and SofTutor:

New Vision Software, Incorporated was founded on Nov, 1994 in Illinois.

Our goal was to use technology to build a better learning system.

In the summer of 1994, we set out to find the best training product. We purchased over 20 multimedia products and didn't find anything that we liked. Then we decided to create our own training product. We purchased several off the shelf authoring tools and came to the conclusion that we needed something more.

Multimedia products drive the user through a pre-defined path, often contain a lot of text with some video or audio segments.

They also tend to be boring.

In November 1994, we raised money from friends and family to reengineer multimedia to develop a new training system to change the way that people learn.

We wanted to create the fastest learning system with the highest retention at a cost effective price.

To test our new model we chose the most complex learning environment the engineering Computer Aided Design industries.

We exceed our expectations and our customers. Our proprietary authoring tool called SofTutor was not only good at training but also good for technical support

Over the next 3 years we expanded our pilot from 1 to 11 products and experimented with different sales and marketing approaches to the engineering, design, manufacturing and construction industries.

In 2001 we released SofTutor OnLine version 2 as a pay per view model. Again we were a little ahead of our time as the industry did not grasp the pay per view model, although our larger customers realized the potential of our web based solution for use on their intranets and in 2003 Ford Motor Company added softutor online to the Ford world client at giving up to 40,000 engineers access to SofTutor on the Ford intranet. SofTutor version 2 introduced a new testing method where users were pre-tested, then based on incorrect answers a custom curriculum was created by reorganizing and re sequencing the learning content. Also permissions and reports were added to SofTutor v2.

In 2002 our president and founder took a personal leave of absence to care for his wife and raise their small children. His leave of absence extended to 2006. Without his guidance our company shrunk although while he was away he found the desire to modify our learning platform and make it available for everyone to use. In 2006 he gathered up the old employees and convinced them to work on Softutor version 3 (now called the SofTutor Learning System). His goal was to make learning easy enough for anyone to use from kids to adults and to reduce the time it took to make content from weeks to hours.

In 2007 SLSv3 was in beta testing and kids as young as 8 years old started making SofTutors for their friends to collaborate and share ideas. In 2008 DePaul University in Chicago started beta testing SofTutor.

In Sept 2008 the SofTutor Learning System version 3 was released. Abbott Labs was our first customer, we installed SofTutor on their intranet and created content live within an hour, everyone in the conference room was able to join in and experience group collaboration learning.

New Vision Software Incorporated is in the process of expanding its product into corporate education and education.

New Vision Software, Incorporated is located in Barrington, IL
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