Children's Memorial Hospital - Chicago, IL

Project Overview

Dirk Tussing founder of the Chicago Learning Executive Exchange asked to help work on the project.

SofTutorKids worked with, and the Winnetka / Northfield Rotary Club to build and teach kids & nurses at Chicago Childrenís Memorial Hospital on the 50 netbooks for kids at Chicago Childrenís Memorial Hospital Project. all volunteer kids from local schools, use SofTutor academic collaborative learning system to help others learn.

Their last project (4/10-10/10) was to help the Children from Chicago Childrenís Memorial Hospital to better enjoy their hospital say.

Local businesses in the Chicagoland area donated 50 netbook computers and SofTutorKids volunteered to set them up and make SofTutor tutorials to teach kids how use their computers, draw using artrage2, use their webcams to take photos, learn how to access, take a survey and more.

SofTutor teaches without reading, itís 100% follow along, learn by doing method actually reduces the time it takes to learn and increases retention. SofTutor uses a unique, resizable overlay window, that provides instruction to the user while they follow along in the application being taught. Within minutes students forget they are learning. SofTutor reduces the boredom associated with typical multimedia e-learning and makes learning fun.

If your school uses SofTutor you can download and install the videos and database into your learning system and modify it any way you need. email Randy at for more information. If you're organization is building netbooks to donate to someone else we'd recommend using the same computers go2 pc convertable netbooks with the same preinstalled software let randy know and we'll donate our softutor product to help you get started. Please keep in mind we can only donate the finished product, if you wan to make modifications you'll need a license of the SofTutor academic/nfp authoring tool.

Video Content from this project Copyright 2010 CC-BY-SA - Please feel free to share this with others but recognize that the videos were created by and enjoy!

All of the following videos can be found on on the SofTutorKids channel or Click to download "SofTutor for CMH Kids" designed to be followed along with using a go2pc pen netbook.

Getting Started (first video the kids should watch)

The following videos were used in the
SofTutor follow along, learn by doing player, which was loaded on each users desktop.

1 Overview and Survey - CMH Kids Project

2 Drawing Pictures with Artrage 2 - Part 1 of 5

3 Using Stencils with Artrage 2 - Part 2 of 5

4 Using Layers in Artrage 2 - Part 3 of 5

5 Take Photo with your webcam for ArtRage 2 - Part 4 of 5

6 Draw on photos you take with Artrage 2 - Part 5 of 5

7 Insert Flash Drive into your Computer

8 Save drawing or file to flash drive

9 Remove flash drive from your computer

10 Playing Games on your windows xp computer

11 Use Pen instead of Touch Pad to draw with ArtRage

12 Calibrate Pen if its Off

13 Get to know the go2 pc netbook computer

14 Understanding the icons in the lower right hand corner of Windows XP go2 pc netbook

15 Special Thanks to all who worked on CMH 50 Netbooks Project

16 See what SofTutorKids do and how they make SofTutor Learning products

17 Blooper Jenna sees a spider

18 Blooper Jenna has trouble with words

SofTutor Collaborative Learning System Overview

Copyright 2010 CC-BY-SA - please feel free to share this with others and enjoy!